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Doonas, Bedspreads and Blankets.

Just as important as the clothes that represent you outside of the house are the textiles that represent you inside of the house. These include doonas, bedspreads, quilt covers, pillows and much more.

Centennial Dry Cleaners technicians have refined the process of dry cleaning bedding.

Our cleaning methods assist in the hygienic and aesthetic effects. Cleaning the bedding under the right conditions both kills dust mites/germs and leaves the bedding brighter, cleaner and less prone to allergen.

A Doona or Bedspread can potentially hold up to 20,000 live house dust mites which can cause severe health implications, as the contaminants can trigger symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis and irritate existing cases of eczema. Experts therefore recommend cleaning Quilts and Doonas at least every six months.

We use the most appropriate solutions and cleaning processes to ensure that your bedding is beautifully cleaned, odourless, fluffed up and ready to sleep on.

* Please note, our Doona/Bedspread/Pillow Service takes an additional 2 days (2-3 Day Turnaround)

Centennial Dry Cleaners

Centennial Dry Cleaners

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Centennial Dry Cleaners

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Centennial Dry Cleaners

Highest quality dry cleaning performed in stores owned by the President of the Dry Cleaning Institute of NSW.

Centennial Dry Cleaners


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